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Three Different Tattoo Styles. Time and prices in view.

Rose tattoo design
A rose design in three different tattoo styles

Three different tattoo stylesWhen getting a tattoo, the price depends on the time required for the tattooing. It is important to realize that every tattoo is unique. However, the various tattoo styles and the complexity in which they are performed are decisive for the duration. To illustrate, we take a rose design of approximately 10 cm as an example, which we look at in three different tattoo styles. We should note that these examples serve as an indication of the time required to get a tattoo. In reality, there are countless tattoo styles, sometimes overlapping, so the outcome is not always clear. We therefore advise you to compare these guidelines with the rates and working methods of the studio where you are getting your tattoo.Our first example is a minimalist "fine line" tattoo of a rose. This is one of the tattoo styles that can be performed relatively quickly due to the lack of shadow areas. The artist only needs to tattoo the lines, but has little room for error. The 'fine lines' must be razor-sharp and the same thickness everywhere. The artist should be able to perform this in one to two hours.Example 1; a minimalistfine linetattoo

Rose tattoo design, fine line tattoo, tattoo styles
Fine line rose tattoo design

The next example is an 'old school' rose of the same size. This design is a simplified representation of reality and one of the most popular tattoo styles. The execution is not complex, because after drawing the line work, the artist colors the tattoo with full solid colors, where the number of colors and overflow is also limited. This type of tattoo quickly becomes a project in itself and assume that an artist will spend three to four hours on this.

Example 2; an 'old school' tattoo

Old school Rose tattoo design, tattoo styles
Old school rose tattoo design

Our third and final example is a realistic rose tattoo in color and requires artistic skill from the tattoo artist. The realistic tattoo is made in several steps. First the lines are applied and then the colors, whereby the application of the colors is assessed again and again by the tattoo artist. The artist mixes the colors by dipping the needle into several 'cups' while tattooing. This requires a high degree of concentration from the artist. A realistic color tattoo is more complex and can easily take three to five hours.

Example 3; a 'realistic' tattoo

realistic rose tattoo, tattoo styles
Realism rose tattoo design

We hope that the above examples now give you a better idea of how long it takes to get a tattoo. As mentioned, these are only guidelines and estimates. The actual duration of a tattoo session also depends on other things, such as placement, your stamina and the skill of the tattoo artist. If you want to know more about how the price of a tattoo is determined, read our blog: how much does a tattoo cost and for our studio prices

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