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The best artist for your tattoo fails and regrets

  • Free consultation for a tattoo cover-up

  • Unburdening and responsibility

  • The best designs

  • Professional cover ups

  • Even the most difficult tattoo cover up to 90%

  • The best prices

  • Only at Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio

An intake is essential for a cover-up tattoo. A well-executed cover-up tattoo is always a custom design. In our studio we listen to your wishes and immediately convert them into sketches on a photo of the body part to be tattooed. Our expertise in designing and executing complex cover-up tattoos ensures that we know exactly what is and is not possible. Art comes first for us! We only carry out projects that we fully support and that we believe will please you as a customer.

A beautiful unique design is always desirable, but with a cover-up tattoo it is decisive. A well-planned strategy makes the difference between a black mark and a beautiful new tattoo that you can be proud of.

Our studio uses advanced design techniques and involves the customer in the process from start to finish.

With a cover-up tattoo, the technical skills of the tattoo artist are of great importance. Many old tattoos are poorly executed, and a tattoo artist often has to work with skin that has had a hard time. Covering the previous tattoo is also a challenge that we take on with full confidence. Our portfolio doesn't lie; At Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio, the most extreme cover-up tattoos are often performed with up to 90% coverage. A cover-up tattoo will always leave traces of the previous tattoo in spots or scar tissue. However, with dedication from the customer, it is possible to achieve results in which the old tattoo has visually completely disappeared.


A cover-up tattoo requires a lot of time and effort, which can lead to higher costs. That is why we introduced the Day Deal. Customers can rent the studio for a whole day at a reduced rate.


This unique combination of creativity, quality and prices characterizes our studio. If we are given the space to work our magic, we can perform small miracles. Continue reading below for a full overview of cover-up tattoos and tattoo removal.

The advantage of a tattoo cover-up is that a painful and costly laser treatment is no longer necessary. The downside to a tattoo cover-up is the extra cost it entails to cover the old tattoo. A professionally performed tattoo cover-up will take more sessions than one is normally used to with a tattoo. Since we tattoo with transparent tattoo inks, the underlying ink of the old tattoo works through the layers of the new tattoo. This makes covering a serious challenge for every tattoo artist.

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