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Ozcan Ulusan tattoo artist
Ozcan Ulusan,Tattoo artist tattooing in studio
Tattoo artist

Next Level Ink Tattoo studio; Where originality and passion come together to create unique tattoo designs.  Tattoo artist Özcan Uluşan, his mission is to provide customers with the best tattoos. This is only possible by providing 100% customization that is specially designed for the individual. Your unique tattoo, Your story. 

Ozcan Ulusan, Tattoo artist, portrait painting

Tattoo artist
Where passion and creativity flow together in mesmerizing tattoo designs

Özcan Uluşan is a versatile tattoo artist with a background in graphic design and experience in digital media. With his expertise, even the most complex tattoo ideas can be efficiently developed into beautiful designs.

At Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio, quality and hygiene are of paramount importance. Our modern tattoo studio uses the latest equipment, including top quality tattoo machines. The ink and materials we use are not only of the best quality, but also animal-friendly and vegan.

We like to take the time to realize the best tattoo designs and provide a great experience to our customers. Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio is the destination for those looking for a passionate and professional tattoo artist who can bring your unique vision to life.

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