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Tattoo Prices
an extensive overview

Day Deal
Suitable for

  • Reduced rate  

  • e.g. Portrait tattoo

  • Complex or large work

  • Tattoo all day 

  • Colors Tattoos

  • Sleeve tattoos and Backpieces

  • Free consultation 

  • 2 side-work sessions for free

  • quality guarantee

  • Free aftercare per session

  • Free design


Hourly rate
suitable for

  • Restoration work

  • e.g. Rose tattoo

  • Tattoo for 1 to 4 hours

  • realism tattoos

  • up to 15 cm detail work

  • Letter tattoo

  • Free consultation 

  • 1st additional session free

  • quality guarantee

  • Free design



Start rate
suitable voor

  • Additional touch up

  • e.g. Heart tattoo

  • Tattoo for a half hour

  • Can also be in color

  • fine line tattoos

  • ksmall tattoos

  • Free consultation without design 

  • 1st Update Session free

  • Quality guarantee

All tattoo Prices are an indication to get a feel for our services. Your tattoo can always be more expensive based on your design. It is important to note that we ask for down payments for the design. This deposit is only deducted upon completion of the design. In the event of an earlier failure on the part of the customer, there is no chance of a refund. We offer a quality guarantee on all our tattoos.

Day Deal | Tattoo prices 

A whole day tattooing for €750,-

With the Day-Deal you can tattoo intensively for a whole day and the studio is reserved for one customer.

The Day Deal is affordable and extremely suitable for larger projects such as sleeves and backpieces. 

Would you like to learn more about how the price of a tattoo is calculated? Read more in our blog 

How much does a tattoo cost| Stay master of your budget 

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