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Tattoo aftercare

A newly made tattoo needs approximately six weeks to heal properly and aftercare therefore deserves a lot of attention because it is very important for an optimal end result. That is why we have listed the most important matters regarding aftercare for you below.

Immediately after tattooing, we apply a foil so that your tattoo does not become infected on the way home due to exposure to the outside air or due to friction with the clothing you are wearing. We recommend not removing the foil for the first 3 to 5 hours until you have the opportunity to care for your tattoo, because in fact the tattoo is nothing less than a fresh wound.

For the first two weeks you care for the tattoo three times a day with a care cream. After a few days, crusting and peeling of dead skin cells begin and the skin may feel dry. For proper healing, it is important that you continue to rub the tattoo every day until it has healed.

Rinse the tattoo with unscented soap and lukewarm water and pat the tattoo dry with a towel. Then spread a thin layer of cream over the tattoo. So you do this three times a day, but also when the tattoo is dirty.

The skin may feel a bit dry until the sixth week, in which case lubricate the skin with a moisturizing oil such as a body lotion or ask for one of our tattoo aftercare products that we have in stock in the studio.

Further tips and guidelines for good aftercare

· Wash your hands before grooming

· Touch the tattoo as little as possible

· If it is itchy, hit with the flat of your hand, do not scratch!!!

· Wear loose clothing due to sanding

· Watch out for dirt and grime!

· Avoid prolonged exposure to water (swimming pool/sauna)

· Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight or tanning bed

· Use tattoo sunscreen after healing

Always contact the doctor or artist if you have any questions or complications.

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