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House rules of our studio

Next Level Ink stands for quality, hygiene, 100% customization and attention, which is why we apply the following house rules:

  • We do not tattoo minors under the age of 16.

  • The studio is non-smoking.

  • Eating and/or drinking in the tattoo room is not permitted.

  • Drugs or alcohol use is not permitted.

  • Make sure you are fresh for your tattoo session.

  • We will not tattoo you if you are pregnant.

  • Don't come to your tattoo session with a whole crowd and leave your kids at home; 1) the tattoo room is only for the tattooed person and the tattoo artist, 2) any supporters are welcome in the waiting and sitting area.

  • Taking photos and/or videos in the tattoo room without permission is not permitted.

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