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Tattoo Cover up. Everything about tattoo cover-ups and tattoo removal.

batman tattoo cover up, tattoo removal

Everything about a tattoo cover up and tattoo removal. With the growing popularity of tattoos, unfortunately the number of people who are no longer satisfied with their tattoo and therefore opt for a tattoo also grows. tattoo cover up. We all know the wrong examples of names of ex-partners, failed unprofessional tattoos and out-of-fashion tattoos. At Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio we regularly receive questions from customers who walk around with tattoos that they actually want to get rid of. With this blog we want to list a number of things for you when it comes to a tattoo cover up or laser removal of tattoos.

Lasing, a new trend

We all grow as people and sometimes we make decisions that, in retrospect, do not always work out well. Unfortunately, many relationships end before death do part, but the tattoos we make are for life... or not?

Laser session in development, then cover up placed by Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio.

Modern technology does not stand still and having unwanted tattoos lasered away can be an excellent solution. It is often thought that a failed tattoo should always be lasered away, but this is not always the best solution. Laser surgery can be a gift from heaven, but it can also become your worst nightmare. Laser surgery is not only expensive, but it is also painful because it leaves trauma on the skin. An unprofessional practitioner with a laser can permanently damage the skin, which can cause scars and make it impossible or hardly possible to get a new tattoo.

If you want to opt for laser treatment before starting a tattoo cover up, visit a dermatologist or a recognized skin therapist for information and guidance. These specialists are knowledgeable and use high-quality laser equipment, which the usual tattoo parlors and beauty salons often cannot or do not want to afford. If you want to know more about removing tattoos and the possible risks, read more here:

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tattoo cover up example

Tattoo cover up

At Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio we consider laser removal of unwanted tattoos as a last resort. Because we have the best design techniques in-house, we can often design the ideal tattoo cover up that covers old unwanted tattoos for 90% to 100%. As always, we first hold an intake interview in our studio where the options for a tattoo cover up are examined in detail.

Given the risks of laser treatment, we usually prefer a tattoo cover up by completely renovating or completely "covering" the old tattoo. During a makeover, we take the old tattoo as a starting point and improve the colors and existing shapes and, if necessary, expand the tattoo further. We allow the old tattoo to flow over and merge into a new tattoo. The customer usually opts for a full tattoo cover up, because he/she wants to get rid of the old tattoo and would prefer not to see it at all. The tattoo cover up offers a solution, but it is always a concession, because the new design is highly dependent on the old tattoo that needs to be covered.

The advantage of a tattoo cover up is that painful and expensive laser treatment is no longer necessary. The disadvantage of a tattoo cover-up is the extra costs it entails to cover the old tattoo. A professionally performed tattoo cover up will take more sessions than people are normally used to with a tattoo. Since we tattoo with transparent tattoo inks, the underlying ink of the old tattoo continues into the layers of the new tattoo. This makes covering a serious challenge for every tattoo artist.

Our studio therefore advises you to always think carefully about which path you want to take. Don't act too hastily, get well informed, if necessary, from as many studios as possible before you make the decision. There is no quick solution and ultimately you want a tattoo that you are happy with. Demand that customization is provided and that time and energy is invested in the cover-up.

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