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Tattoo precaution | From Zero to Hero in 6 steps.

tattoo precaution is important

Are you someone who screams before the needle has come into contact with your skin or are you a real “tattoo hero” and do you sit through every session like an unyielding rock? Below are a number of tattoo precaution tips to be a real tattoo hero or at least complete your session without dropping out prematurely.

Get some rest…

The hectic pace of everyday life takes a toll on us both physically and mentally, so you often don't notice that you are tired. Until, for example, you are sitting in the chair of your tattoo artist and after a few hours of tattooing you have already run out of adrenaline and have to endure a painful session purely on willpower. Often a balanced tattoo precaution by being fit and rested can provide just that little bit of support to reach the finish line.

Don't be a kamikaze

If you have a tattoo session on your agenda the next day, in addition to being well rested, it is also advisable to avoid "Late Night parties" and excessive alcohol use. This also applies to intensive exercise as all these activities lower your immune system and resistance. The last thing we want is to show up to our appointment dehydrated and tired.

Be Zen

By drinking enough water before your appointment, you ensure that you arrive at your appointment with resilient and healthy skin. Also take good care of your skin with moisturizing lotions until a few days before your tattoo appointment, but make sure you do not arrive at your appointment with a lotion applied. It also helps to have a good breakfast on the day of the tattoo session and to have plenty of energy-rich foods such as fruit, sweets and soft drinks on hand. It is advisable to keep your sugar level high while tattooing.

Illustration of Japanese tattooed cat for good tattoo precaution

Even more skin advice…

Do you like to take a sunbed every now and then and do you have a tattoo session coming up? Do not! Skip a few sessions so your artist can work with your natural skin. Also make sure that the area to be tattooed has not recently been waxed or lasered or has undergone any other treatment that could damage the tissue.

Provide distraction

Distraction eases the pain. Your favorite Netflix series or the presence of a friend can help with this. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to bring your entire football team or that you have to turn it into a tea party. Tattooing is a precise job, so you want to keep yourself busy, but the intention is not to distract the tattoo artist.

Health check

Be sure that you are able to get tattooed. Some people are taking blood thinners or have gotten an infection while on vacation, all reasons for your tattoo artist to cancel the show. Are you not sure whether you can be tattooed with your health problems? Then consult your doctor and your artist.

Finally about our tattoo precaution

By taking into account all the above-mentioned tattoo precaution tips, your chance of premature failure is significantly reduced and you, like the "die hards", can sit through your tattoo sessions in one go. More questions? Without hesitation, call or email Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio for more information.

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