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Small Tattoos | Big statement with a small tattoo.

Updated: May 2

Small tattoos are fun. Do you want to express your personality and passion in a charming, but subtle way? Have your small tattoo designed at Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio.

The small tattoo can be seen as an extension of a refined piece of jewelry, such as a Swiss timepiece or a miniature work in a necklace. Craftsmanship and sophistication are crucial in getting a small tattoo.

A small tattoo can carry a deeply personal meaning. Whether it's remembering loved ones, celebrating a milestone, or expressing your inner passions, at Next level ink Tattoo Studio we can guide you to a small tattoo that tells your unique story. Our small tattoos are done with care, with an eye for detail, so that they not only look beautiful immediately, but also remain beautiful for years

To book a small tattoo, take a look at our walk-in page for more information.

Popular design ideas for small tattoos

Small tattoos can have a variety of designs depending on your personal taste and interests. Here are some popular ideas:

Symbols: Some common symbols are hearts, stars, anchors, butterflies, and crosses. Nature motifs: Flowers, trees, mountains, and animals are popular choices for small tattoos.

Quote or word: A single word or short phrase that is meaningful to you can be a powerful and personal statement. Minimalist art: Simple line drawings or geometric shapes can give a modern and clean look.

Memorials: A small tattoo can serve as a memorial to a loved one, with initials, a date, or a symbol that represents them.

Here is a series of designs from our own collection, designed by Ozcan Ulusan.

A picture is worth a thousand words

- Napoleon Bonaparte -

We have listed almost a hundred small tattoo examples here for you.

If you don't feel like scrolling, we have a list of small tattoo topics here. This way you can get inspiration and ideas for your next small tattoo.

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