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Tattoo Design. The journey to artistic tattoo designs

What makes a phenomenal tattoo design so special and why would you go to any lengths when you can also get a work of art directly from the internet for free? It may seem tempting to err on the side of convenience and avoid risk by using pre-existing images from the Internet.

If you want to have a copy of an existing tattoo design tattooed, you will soon discover that the placement of your image becomes an issue. An example of this is a tattoo that has been photographed from an angle, so that the proportions are no longer correct. The design is too vertical, because it was originally designed for a forearm, but you would like to have the tattoo placed on your upper arm. Various problems arise and your artist does not care when complex design errors need to be resolved. Your first idea suddenly no longer seems as solid as you initially thought. Finding the perfect tattoo design that you have so clearly in mind proves to be a challenge. In this blog we take a closer look at the reasons why a custom tattoo design is essential for a visually appealing result. The goal of this piece is to inspire you to get the most out of your tattoo experience.

Tattooing is an art form that has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures around the world. In ancient societies, tattoos had deep spiritual and religious meaning. Over the centuries, artists have developed new styles and perfected the art form, driven by the search for social and cultural identity and aesthetic beauty. Without the artistic and intellectual input of the individual, man would still be a primitive being. Fortunately, the fine arts have a unique place in our culture and have been a fundamental part of existence since the first civilizations. It touches the core of our humanity and is a means by which the body serves as a canvas for self-expression, connection and a deeper insight into various aspects of life.

Let's think about the unique value of a personal tattoo design made just for you. It brings your individuality, personal story and meaning to life on your skin, making it much more than just a work of art. It is an expression of your identity and a work of art that no one else has. By choosing a custom tattoo, you give yourself a visual masterpiece that celebrates your individuality and will last a lifetime.

In short, tattooing is a life path that the individual follows, it is an enrichment of the soul and an expressive art form that accentuates the body and mind. No person on earth is the same, which is why tattooing is based on originality and individuality at its core. Copying not only makes the tattoo lose its meaning, but also undermines the character of the individual. If we as a society no longer dare to be ourselves or dare to express our opinions, this is a direct restriction on our free will and right to self-determination.

At Next Level Ink Tattoo Studio we do not go for a copy-paste tattoo design. We believe that every individual is unique and special. The free voice may be heard; we don't have to blend in with the gray mass. We celebrate individualism and self-determination and respect the copyrights of the creative sector.

Choosing a tattoo artist with strong drawing skills is therefore important for several reasons:

1. Quality of design: A tattoo artist with strong drawing skills can create a high-quality tattoo design that is visually appealing and well executed. They can bring your ideas to life and ensure that the tattoo looks exactly how you envision it.

2. Customization: If you want a unique and personalized tattoo, a tattoo artist with strong drawing skills can create a custom tattoo design that suits your preferences, style and body shape. They can tailor the design so that it fits the contours of your body and looks its best when tattooed.

3. Artistic vision: An experienced artist can provide creative insights and suggestions to improve your tattoo idea so that it is not only beautiful, but also accurately reflects your intentions and emotions.

4. Attention to detail: A tattoo artist with strong drawing skills pays attention to the smallest details, such as line work, shading and proportions. This level of attention ensures that the tattoo is well made and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Placement and composition: Drawing skills often go hand in hand with an understanding of composition and placement. A tattoo artist with such skills can help you choose the best spot for your tattoo on your body and ensure that it goes well with existing tattoos or future plans.

6. Confidence and Communication: A tattoo artist with strong drawing skills is likely to be more confident in their abilities and better able to communicate with you during the design process. They can provide guidance and address any concerns you may have, leading to a satisfying experience.

That said, we would like to make an argument against plagiarism and briefly explain what plagiarism means, so that you too can make a positive contribution to the creative sector while protecting yourself from substandard tattoos:

Plagiarism is the use of someone else's work, ideas, or words without proper attribution or permission and presenting it as your own. This may include copying and pasting text from a source without citation, using images or artwork without permission or attribution, or presenting someone's ideas or work as your own.

Plagiarism is considered unethical and dishonest because it violates the principles of academic and professional integrity. It is a form of intellectual theft that undermines the credibility of the person committing it, as well as the integrity of the work or project containing plagiarized material.

We hope that this blog has given you a better insight into what makes a personal tattoo design so important and why copying is not desirable. Also read our other blogs to gain more insight into the world of tattoos.

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